Professional Piercer

Current Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

I began my piercing career in Columbus Ohio in 2012. My passion for body piercing was mostly influenced from the quality companies I was seeing online and my focus has always been the aesthetic of top quality jewelry on my clients. I'm not just here to give you a new piercing, but to custom design your anatomy to look its best and give you a great experience and probably talk about my cat, Frankie. He's a taurus, likes long walks to the couch, and his favorite show is Cosmos with Carl Sagan.

While I would say that my life is pretty plain and boring, I do enjoy body suspension. The ritual art of suspension has always fascinated me and the history behind both piercing and suspension have always been close to my heart. I am mostly a hermit with my lady, Monica, and we collect taxidermy and oddities, usually spending the evenings watching movies. Akron has been a new and exciting experience for me and I am always open to suggestions of new things to discover here.




Alex did fantastic job calming me down before the piercing...

"I got my philtrum repierced a couple weeks ago on a whim and the entire process was enjoyable! I was very nervous but the counter persons were attentive and approachable, making me more relaxed. Alex did fantastic job calming me down before the piercing and I left feeling confident and happy in new rose gold jewelry! The aftercare instructions are simple to follow and already it's healing perfectly. I can't recommend this shop enough!"

— Alexadra C. (google)

Alex is fantastic.

"Two weeks out, no pain, no infection, no issues. They are careful, percise, and hygienic! Everything that matters. Alex is fantastic!"

— Angela C (google)

Alex...was awesome!

“Was in there today with my family! Getting my granddaughters nose pierced! Had my nose ring changed and my daughter had her surface piercing changed! Alex was the piercer and was awesome! Everyone was so nice and helpful! Will definitely go back! Very clean also!!!!”

— Joann B.H. (fb)