Jewelry Specialists

Good Life employs a team of counter staff who are all well versed in our expansive body jewelry selection. During your visit our jewelry specialists along with your piercer will show you options suited to your anatomy and personal taste from our jewelry selection so you can love the piece for your piercing.

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APP Member Since 2017

Hello! My name is Caelan and I work with our fine jewelry. Our high quality of jewelry plays a large role in your successful piercing experience. My focus is to help ensure that you have a positive and stress free piercing experience. We provide consistent, healthy piercings by upholding our standard of using the highest quality body jewelry available, constantly furthering our educations, and maintaining a focus on a safe and clean environment.
Our jewelry inventory consists primarily of 14k+ nickel free gold, implant grade materials, niobium, and borosilicate glass. Our focus on high quality jewelry will ensure a much more predictable healing experience. All of our gem settings are genuine jeweler settings which are guaranteed for life! This means that your starter earrings will also be your forever piece. We stock more than 1,000 designs and styles for your curating needs and we are constantly researching all the new trends within the industry, so that we can have them available to you.
We have a desire to provide you with the perfect jewelry for you and to also provide you with a safe and pleasant experience. All of my associates and I are members of the Association of the Professional Piercers. We are constantly furthering our knowledge and attending conferences by the APP so that we are improving the cleanliness of our procedures and aftercare techniques. It is the high rigid standards that we are able to provide you with that will ensure a healthy, happy, and worry free piercing.

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Hello. I am Maxarmando Rivera. I am a Mexican/German hybrid with an insatiable love for burgers and tacos. I work primarily with jewelry and am always looking for new ways to photograph jewelry and what we do. Before arriving to the Good Life border, I was bartending and working with food but got sick of the late hours. That was over two years ago and I cannot imagine leaving this industry. I have a lovely family consisting of my wife and our three daughters. In my free time, I hit up local farmers markets, hike, play away on my drums, and cook new things. 

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APP Member Since 2018

Gemological Institute of America: Jewelry Essentials

Did you know that all the gold on this planet came from a single star as it collapsed and released carbon during a supernova? We can trace all the gold on earth back to a single point of impact, which is probably the most amazing thing I’ve learned in a long, long time. Working at Good Life has represented one of the most rewarding journeys I ever could have embarked on, because there is so much rich history and science in this industry, most of which goes unnoticed.

My passion for body modification and piercings came at a young age when my grandmother gave me her collection of clip-on earrings, and I would attach them all over my ears and face. That experience led me to make sure I never had to work for an employer who would tell me I would have to “tone it down,” and I thrived as a retail manager for many years before getting into the piercing industry. 

The Good Life studio is my home away from home, where I focus on sterilization and my passion for gemstones and gold. When I am not here, my fiancé and I spend many of our nights not sleeping so we can take care of our beautiful young son and multiple kitties. Yes, I will show you pictures of each and every one of them if you ask!