Head Piercer

Current Schedule: Wednesday - Saturday

Body piercing can be a transformative experience. For different people this can mean different things. For me personally, getting a piercing is a deliberate act of art. A way for me to decorate and gain control of my body. Life is an uncontrollable thing, especially in regards to your body… changes happen you can’t control, you get sick, then better, you age - but with piercing - you have that control, that potential for deliberate change.

My body being the canvas through which I express myself artistically has been incredibly empowering. The transformations I’ve made to my body have made me more comfortable and confident in my own skin, for lack of any less cliché phrasing.

Knowing from a first hand point of view the positive affect a well placed, beautiful piercing can have on my own life and happiness I started my career as a Professional Body Piercer to facilitate that change for other people. I want each of my clients to have the experience that I would want when getting pierced. To be treated with respect, to not have motivation questioned or judged, and to have a well performed, clean, and perfect looking piercing.

I apprenticed at Good Life from 2010-2011 under Jeremiah Currier and have worked here since. I have constantly worked to grow as a piercer, forever learning from my colleagues, classes and seminars during the APP Conference, in professional forums online, and wherever else I can. I’m very proud of the the work I do, the studio I get to do my work in, and am happy to share that with you.

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Heather took wonderful care of me!

“I was pretty nervous about my first ever cartilage piercing, but Heather took wonderful care of me! This is easily the best place to go if you're looking to do a piercing. Everyone is friendly, informative, hygienic, and they have very high quality jewelry. Whenever I want another piercing, I will definitely be getting it here!”

— Anne P. (fb)

She talked me through the whole thing.

“Good Life is absolutely amazing. I just got my first piercing done, which was a navel piercing, by Heather. She talked me through the whole thing and completely calmed my nerves by the time I actually got pierced. Jeremiah was very informative with the after care and what I should expect during the healing process. I don't think I would go anywhere else!”

— Ina B. (fb)

Very professional.

“We had the absolute best experience at Good Life Friday night. Max, the jewelry consultant, was super cool and helpful both on the phone and in person. Heather did a phenomenal job with both my boyfriend's helix and my nostril. Everyone is very professional, but also just genuinely cool people. We will definitely be returning customers in the future, without a doubt.”

— Samantha E. (fb)