Piercing Specialist

Current Schedule: Wednesday - Saturday

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“Kelly did both of my lobes… it looks AMAZING!”

"I was looking for a great piercing place and my boyfriend recommended Good Life because he had been there before. Absolutely thrilled with my decision to come here. Max was extremely helpful and so personable! He helped me pick out the most amazing jewelry. Kelly did both of my lobes, my daith and conch. I originally wanted a rook but with Kelly's experience we realized the jewelry was going to overlap. We decided on a conch instead and it looks AMAZING! I will be going back and getting my rook on the other side instead. Can't recommend them enough!!!"

-Marina (fb)

“Kelly is fabulous”

"My tattoo artist suggested Good Life piercing to me. Last month I got my nose pierced and today went in for my monthly checkup. Ended up leaving with a double tragus and absolutely love them! Kelly is fabulous and Max offered so many jewelry options. I will be back!"

-Tammy (fb)