Making, Changing, and Helping Piercings

Piercers are in the studio each day we are open and are available along with our jewelry specialists to help with any piercing related service you may need.


Body Piercing

Our piercers can provide a full range of body piercings from standard earlobe piercings to complex ear cartilage projects and genital piercings. Staff will assess the client's anatomy for the piercing to make sure they are properly suited for the piercing being requested. A selection of jewelry is also tailored by our staff to the person's own anatomy and personal style, to make sure the piercing fits with an adequately for healing and that you love how it looks on it's way to healing. Using only ASTM-F138 implant-grade stainless steel, ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium, and solid 14k/18k nickel-free golds means you can feel comfortable knowing what you're wearing is safe (learn more about our jewelry here).

Aftercare is discussed in full detail with ample opportunity to have questions answered. A pamphlet with contact information for your piercer, the studio, as well as aftercare tips and routines is always provided. You can also head to our aftercare section to read about how we suggest to take care of piercings any time!


Jewelry Changes

Whether the piercing was done at Good Life or not, piercers are available to change jewelry for any kind of piercing. Jewelry changes with purchase of in-house pieces includes a custom fitting to make sure the jewelry is fitted properly and on tight.
Jewelry brought in from outside the studio will be assessed to ensure it is safe for wear and will fit the piercing properly.
All jewelry for jewelry changes is either disinfected or sterilized. 


Consultations and Troubleshooting

We can consult clients and assess their anatomy for specific piercings they might want or help them choose what might be best to take advantage of different ways their ear or any other part of their body is built.
Clients with existing piercings that are struggling to heal properly can have a piercer troubleshoot the issues. Through discussion and examination a piercer can help a client identify what is causing the problems and make the necessary changes, whether in form of aftercare routine or adjustments in jewelry, to get the piercing to recover.