Our Studio


Good Life
752 W Market St
Akron, OH, 44303

Monday - Saturday
12p - 9p

Parking spaces available in our adjacent lot!

Good Life has been operating as a safe place for body piercing since 2004. Our lobby houses showcases full of hundreds of different options for your body jewelry needs. Just past our lobby are our two piercing rooms where our piercers can perform full service body piercing, jewelry changes, and consultations.

Our team performs meticulous cleaning and maintenance to our facilities and equipment to ensure the safety of everyone who comes through our doors. The Ohio State Body Art Laws mandate monthly spore testing of all sterilization equipment, but to uphold our high regard for safety standards in the studio we test our full-size autoclave and two Statim cassette autoclaves weekly.

To help keep the studio safe for everyone we employ a golden rule within the studio:
If they're healed, if they're irritated, if they're new, if there is no jewelry in them right now - no matter what - do not touch your piercings in the studio.
All piercings have bodily fluids present no matter their age and condition and to prevent the spread of those bodily fluids to items and surfaces in the studio you should not touch your piercings or handle jewelry that has been previously worn. If you need to bring jewelry into the studio to have it installed, please bring it in a container or small ziploc bag of some kind. To recover incidences of cross contamination a staff member may ask you to use a hand sanitizer if you do touch your piercing or handle worn jewelry. We want to work with you as a team to keep a safe environment for all clients and staff members.

Our Neighborhood

Highland Square is a small arts neighborhood just outside downtown Akron. We're happy to share the block with a number of locally owned restaurants and our favorite coffee shop Angel Falls.

If you're making a trip to see us you can always make a day of it and check out some of the great places that make us love calling Akron home. Below is a list of links to our collective favorite restaurants and places to go!

Highland Square:
Angel Falls Coffee Co
Mustard Seed Market and Cafe
Wally Waffle
Mr. Zub's, Cheese and Chong
Skullz Salon
Square Records
Square Nightclub
Highland Shoe Repair
Highland Square Theatre
Gypsy Grace and the Vintage Goat

Akron Area:
Swenson's Drive-In
Summit Metro Parks
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
La Loma
R Shea Brewery
Akron Art Museum
The Nightlight Cinema
The Bomb Shelter
The Lockview
Akron Civic Theatre