I really can't say enough good things about the
staff and piercers here

Amazing. Professional, clean, prompt, friendly, informative, dedicated....I really can't say enough good things about the staff and piercers here. Heather pierced my nipples and Jeremiah pierced my boyfriend. They were both AWESOME. We plan on returning many, many times.

— Jaque M. (fb)

“playful yet professional”

Jeremiah pierced my 6-year-old's ears today - a wonderful experience. He was playful yet professional, and clearly takes great pride in his work. My daughter was a little nervous, but not a single tear. More expensive than piercing at the mall, but I suspect well worth it. I highly recommend.

— Alanna G. (fb)


I travel an hour each way to come here and it's well worth it. Jeremiah Currier piercer and owner is amazing at what he does and he's a really great guy in general.

— Veronica F. (google)


“everyone there that talked to me made me feel extremely comfortable”

I was pretty terrified about getting the piercings I was, but everyone there that talked to me made me feel extremely comfortable and fully went over the processes and aftercare with me and talked through any of my concerns. Heather was the one who pierced me, and she did everything very well and calmed me down. Definitely going back to her to get any other piercings in the future. 

— Shelby E. (fb)

“Everyone was so friendly, smiling and helpful”

What great customer service! Everyone was so friendly, smiling and helpful with any questions! Heather took great care of us, I got a double nose piercing and my gf got her tragus done. We felt like Heather was already our friend lol, she took great care of us. So easy going and awesome! She even chatted with us outside as we were leaving! Great experience all around! We will be back for sure!!!

— Michelle S. (fb)


“honest with everything from the start”

Why do I drive OVER TWO HOURS to see Jeremiah and Heather and no one else?
They are professional. When I wanted dermal anchors, Jeremiah sat and had a lot of consultations with me to be confident in my capability of getting them done and taking care of them. He was honest with everything from the start. Heather was an apprentice when I first met her and she is wonderful. I've seen her learn from Jeremiah and she is just fantastic now. I just had two lobe piercings I've always wanted and she made them look exactly like I had imagined them to be.
I will see them both because they take their job and clients very seriously and are always increasing their knowledge on piercings, jewelry, hygiene of the shop and client aftercare. They are also fun to talk with and make the whole process an exciting and worthwhile experience.
When you see a piercing and think how much you really want it, these are the people who will make it happen and make it the best damn looking piercing you will ever have.
Everyone who compliments my dermal anchors or ear piercings I proudly tell them I went to Good Life in Akron, Ohio and am proud to gush about my piercers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

— Sasha W. (fb)

“They are doing everything right.”

High prices, higher quality.

My visit to Good Life was worth every penny and more. Caelan helped my sister and me pick out great jewelry that worked for our anatomy, style, and budget, and Heather was a world-class piercer and all-around person. Her attention to detail and focus on sterility were second to none. Even Max, who answered the phone when I called to make the appointment, and Stephanie who checked us out, were friendly and engaging. At no point during my entire visit did I feel out of place or unsatisfied with my experience.

In fact, I not only recommend Good Life to anyone interested in a new piercing or beautiful jewelry, but to anyone who wants to see what true customer service looks like. They are doing everything right.

— Emma B. (fb)

“incredibly professional, kind, wickedly talented, super informative”

I absolutely and undoubtedly love Good Life! Jeremiah is so incredibly professional, kind, wickedly talented, super informative (you can tell he LOVES what he does, by how informed he is and the good energy he puts out while he works with his client). He is above all a gentleman. He cares about his clients and making sure they are educated on their new piercing(s) and the after-care.

His team is amazing, too! Very informative, super friendly and cool! I have always felt welcomed and accepted when in. I love it there so much, I would just want to be there to hang out. LOL

The establishment is very clean, simple in its layout. It has a calming appeal. They have an excellent selection of jewelry as well. Top of the line. The pricing is fair and justifiable. Because for me, the money I pay goes for more than just the jewelry, it goes for the whole experience. From the moment I step in the door, to when I leave.

Jeremiah uses only the best when it comes to equipment, jewelry, health sanitation, etc. He takes great pride in his work and the tools he uses to do it. He was explaining to me the needles that are used, and it made me feel very comfortable. Because I saw the confidence he had in them and stood behind them so much, that I could see his excitement for the product. 

He walked me through the whole process, of what was to come during the visit, and the aftercare. He was great at answering my questions. He also asked what kind of music I liked. I told him and he put that genre on before we got started, to help make me feel comfortable. Which it did!!

He is my personal choice for a professional piercer. I will not be going to anyone else. Just like with finding the right hair stylist, the same can be said for a professional piercer. It is that important, if not more.  

I strongly recommend you go and give Jeremiah, this team and the establishment a visit. You will kick yourself for not going sooner.


— Diana B. (yelp)